The Pan European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee

Our Mission

Best practices

We promote the consistency and improvement of best practice in the public reporting of Mineral Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves

PERC standard

We maintain, improve and promote the use of the PERC Reporting Standard


We support the minerals industry and assist the European financial sector in protecting investors in the mineral industry


We act as the National Reporting Organisation (NRO) for Europe and, in this role, we represent the interests of our Participating Organisations (POs) on CRIRSCO


The Pan European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee (PERC) is the organisation responsible for setting standards for public reporting of exploration results, mineral resources, and mineral reserves by companies listed on markets in Europe.

It is a member of CRIRSCO, the Committee For Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards, and the PERC Reporting Standard is fully aligned with the CRIRSCO Reporting Template.

PERC is established formally as a not-for-profit organisation (‘asbl’) registered in Brussels.

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CRIRSCO Annual General Meeting

The 2023 CRIRSCO AGM will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 16-20 October. PERC will be represented at the AGM by Edmund Sides and Mark Burnett.

Release of PERC Summary Guide

The Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee (PERC) is pleased to announce the release of the PERC Summary Guide to Public Reporting by Mineral Companies in Europe.

IOM3 Mining Technology Group Spring 2023 newsletter

The IOM3’s Mining Technology Group have issued their latest newsletter.


The 2023 PERC AGM will be held in the INTRAW office in Brussels on Friday 21st April as a hybrid event with additional activities on the afternoon of Thursday 20th April.

EuroWorkshop: ‘PERC Reporting Standard: Context, Requirements and Application’

Registration is now open for a workshop which is being held in Belgrade on 18-19 May 2023.

PERC Statement on Ukraine crisis

PERC has issued a statement on the Ukraine crisis which is available here.

PERC 2022 Annual General Meeting

The PERC 2022 AGM will be held as a hybrid event with a face to face meeting hosted by FAMMP and Svemin in Stockholm on Friday 20th May 2022.

GSL Online Training – PERC course

In collaboration with the Geological Society of London, PERC is organising an online training course in February and March 2022. The course will consist of seven separate 1-hour sessions covering the topics listed below. The option to participate in individual sessions will be offered for those who are not interested in the full course.

WEBINAR: PERC Reporting Standard 2021 – An Introduction

The webinar will provide a brief summary of the recently released PERC Reporting Standard 2021. It is intended mainly for existing users of the PERC Reporting Standard, but may also be of interest to users of other CRIRSCO Reporting Codes and Standards such as the JORC Code.

Launch of the PERC Reporting Standard 2021

The PERC Reporting Standard 2021 was officially released on 1 October 2021. This presentation provides an overview of key features, highlighting changes with respect to the PERC Reporting Standard 2017, and alignment with the CRIRSCO International Reporting Template (Nov.2019).

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