As part of a new CRIRSCO initiative PERC will host the inaugural CRIRSCO webinar next week.  The webinar will be presented by EurGeol Dr Edmund Sides PGeo, currently Deputy Chair of CRIRSCO and Chairperson of PERC. 

The Zoom webinar will be repeated twice to facilitate participation by members of CRIRSCO’s other national reporting organisations (NROs). 

This will be a free webinar, but prior registration is required. When registering please make sure that you select the link for the correct date and time, otherwise you may not receive the correct link for the Zoom webinar.

A pdf version of the slide presentation will be made available to registrants after the sessions have been completed.

Register for one of these webinars using the appropriate link below:


Tuesday 13th February at 15:00 UTC


Wednesday 14th February at 09:00 UTC

(currently UTC = GMT, the current UK time zone)

For more information, please also consult the following PDF document