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About PERC

PERC is a constituent member of the Committee For Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO) and is recognised by CRIRSCO as the National Reporting Organisation (NRO) for the Europe Region. As such, PERC is the European equivalent of JORC in Australasia, SAMREC in South Africa, and the other CRIRSCO regional member organisations.  PERC, as a member of CRIRSCO, has an international forum that enables it to ensure consistency of its reporting standards in an international setting, as well as contributing to the development of good practice in international reporting.

PERC Participating Organisations may be professional associations of geologists, engineers, or other specialists involved in preparation of Competent Person reports on mineral reserves and resources, or may be industry associations, governmental or intergovernmental organisations, or other types of organisations with an interest in setting, promoting and maintaining professional practice standards in solid minerals reporting. Individual minerals companies would not normally be acceptable as Participating Organisations.

PERC currently has six participating organisations as indicated below:

Our Objectives

  • Promote the consistency and improvement of national reporting standards for Mineral Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Reserves, through consultation, cooperation, and training at corporate, national, and international levels;
  • Represent the minerals industry and related stakeholders on resource and reserve reporting issues directly in Europe and via CRIRSCO elsewhere in the World;
  • Maintain international reciprocity for recognition and disciplinary oversight of Competent Persons through nationally based Recognised Professional Organisation (“RPO”) schemes;
  • Maintain, improve and promote the use of the PERC Reporting Standard covering Mineral Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Reserves, recognising and contributing from time to time to developments and improvements of the CRIRSCO International Reporting Template;
  • Disseminate information on the PERC Reporting Standard and reserves and resources reporting generally to, and facilitate the exchange of information and dialogue between, PERC members and other stakeholders through any appropriate media.

    Our Principal Activities are: 

    • Managing and updating the PERC Reporting Standard, which is the successor to the former 1991 IMM code and the 2001 Reporting Code
    • Representing the European region on CRIRSCO, the international body harmonising reserves reporting standards around the world
    • Liaising with ESMA, the London Stock Exchange, AIM, FSA, and other stock exchanges and regulators in Europe, and to assist them with incorporating into their rules the use of the PERC Reporting Code in particular as well as CRIRSCO-aligned codes in general
    • Promoting good practice in the reporting of mineral resources and reserves.
    • Participating as advisers in national and international minerals organisations and projects (e.g. INTRAW and ERMA).

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