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PERC’s organisation structure is defined in the PERC Statutes, which were originally adopted in 2015, and last amended in October 2022.  The Statutes specify PERC’s Terms of Reference, together with details of PERC’s Governance and Structure; Meetings, Financial Matters, Trustees and Language.

PERC membership is open to relevant professional bodies and representatives from significant mineral industry sectors in European countries.

Currently PERC members include four representatives from each of the six parent organisations, together with individual co-opted representatives representing different interests and sectors of the minerals industry.

In March 2022, PERC adopted a standard procedure for assessing applications by organisations to join PERC, together with the procedures used for assessing applications to be added to the PERC list of Recognised Professional Organisations. The relevant Policy document and accompanying RPO checklist are provided in the Other Resources section of the library.

Participating Organisations


European Federation of Geologists (EFG) Ruth Allington
Pim Demecheleer
Brenda Lothion
Jari Juurela
Fennoscandian Association for Metals and Minerals Professionals (FAMMP) Thomas Lindholm
Gunnar Agmalm
Johan Bradley
Freja Lundgren
Geological Society of London (GSL) Jim Coppard
Mark Howson
Simon Dominy
Belinda van Lente
Institute of Geologists of Ireland (IGI) Paul Gordon
Paul McDermott
Ed Sides
Job Langbroek
Iberian Mining Engineers Board (IMEB) Juan Leon Coullaut
Alfredo Franco
Antonio Maldonado Castillo
Miguel Tato Diogo
Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (IOM3) Neil Wells
Andrew Birtles
Andrew Carter
Fiona Cessford
Co-opted members Mark Burnett
Marco Cosi
David Dingemans
Johann Gotsis
Owen Herod
Markku Iljina
Manuel Martinez Pelayo
Michael Neumann
Bernd Schürmann


For statutory purposes PERC is represented by at least three Trustees who take formal responsibility for the actions of PERC. The Trustees collectively are the sole governing body of PERC. The day to day administration of PERC is undertaken by the Executive.

Trustees Ruth Allington
Kerstin Brinnen
John Clifford
Gordon Riddler

PERC Executive

The PERC Executive consists of the following officers: Chairperson; Deputy Chairperson; Secretary; Treasurer; and PERC’s two representatives to CRIRSCO. The PERC Executive is responsible for the day to day administration of PERC.

Edmund Sides

Chairperson & CRIRSCO representative

Andy Birtles

Deputy chairperson

Owen Herod



Antonio Maldonado


Mark Burnett

CRIRSCO representative


  • Standard Update Sub-Committee
  • Finance Sub-Committee
  • Training Sub-Committee
  • Dimension Stone and Industrial Minerals Sub-Committee
  • Communications Sub-Committee

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