Illustration: UNECE. 

Accurate mineral reporting and classification are crucial for transparency, reliability, and informed decision-making in the global mining industry. Thanks to the harmonisation efforts of key international standards, including the CRIRSCO Template and UNFC, this process is now simplified.

The newly released CRIRSCO Template to UNFC Bridging Document, alongside a comprehensive Guidance Note, marks a significant milestone in aligning these two systems. Developed collaboratively by the Ad Hoc Task Group for Revising the CRIRSCO Template and UNFC Bridging Document, these documents provide invaluable guidance for mineral reporting and classification.

Garth Kirkham, Chairperson for CRIRSCO noted: “We believe that this document, along with the accompanying Guidance Note, will provide invaluable guidance to stakeholders involved in mineral resource management providing transparency and consistency, globally.”

The Bridging Document clarifies the complementary nature of the two systems, offering flexibility in meeting diverse reporting requirements. Approved by the UNECE’s Expert Group on Resource Management, this update sets a new standard for mineral project reporting.

The accompanying Guidance Note offers detailed insights into the usage of the bridging document, catering to both experts and newcomers. It fosters a deeper understanding of the relationship between CRIRSCO estimates and UNFC classifications, facilitating informed decision-making.

These new documents provide an update of the previous version of the Bridging Document which was issued in 2015, in order to reference the 2019 versions of the CRIRSCO Template and the UNFC 

Stay tuned for a full report on the participation of PERC and CRIRSCO in the UNECE Resource Management Week in Geneva!