PERC and IOM3 are pleased to announce the appointment of Liz de Klerk (see her LinkedIn profile) as a new IOM3 representative on PERC to fill the vacancy left when Neil Wells stepped down earlier this year. Liz is a geologist by training and her knowledge will complement that of the other three IOM3 representatives which cover Mining (Andy Birtles), Metallurgy (Andy Carter) and ESG aspects (Fiona Cessford).

PERC and IOM3 would also like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen Henley and Neil Wells for their contribution to CRIRSCO, PERC and IOM3 over the many years of their involvement on the PERC Executive Committee, and also to congratulate them on their ‘retirement’.

Last but not least, the IOM3’s Mining Technology Group are sharing their Summer and Autumn newsletters. Enjoy the reading!