In collaboration with the Geological Society of London, PERC is organising an online training course in February and March 2022. The course will consist of seven separate 1-hour sessions covering the topics listed below. The option to participate in individual sessions will be offered for those who are not interested in the full course.

Registration details are provided on the GSL website, which can be accessed using the following link:

Online Training Course:

An introduction to the CRIRSCO family of reporting codes – with special reference to the PERC Reporting Standard 2021

Course Modules 1-7 (February – March 2022)

Feb 3: Module 1:  Introduction to Minerals Reporting and Classification of estimates

Feb 10: Module 2: Competency: The role of Professional Organisations and the Competent Person

Feb 17: Module 3: Public Reports: Report types, requirements, content and supporting information

Feb 24: Module 4: Understanding the Modifying Factors and how to assess and report on “Reasonable Prospects for Eventual Economic Extraction”

Mar 3: Module 5: Assessment and Reporting of environmental, social and governance aspects

Mar 10: Module 6: The Table 1 checklist of assessment criteria – what it is and how to use it

Mar 17: Module 7: Assessment and Reporting of Risk/Uncertainty aspects